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Belinda Maskell is the Chair of the trustees and was born in Ipswich. She works for an Awarding Organisation as an End Point Assessor. Belinda started volunteering at Karibu in September 2012 providing support for Karibu’s supplementary school and then after a break from Karibu returned as a trustee. She is from a white British background and has regularly conducted volunteering work mainly with educational settings the first one being when she was studying at sixth form.

Secilia Ausiku is the Treasurer of Karibu’s trustees and is of Namibian heritage.  She has experience in working in mental health, housing, and social skills, within Ipswich for over 10 years, which she applies during her time at Karibu. She is present at board meetings and uses her experience to guide project planning so all projects will meet the participants best interests.

Adebukola Ifejika is from Nigeria. She has worked in various roles as a housing officer and has also previously volunteered in London at a charity to support homeless young people in finding housing, education and employment. She has also worked as a nurse and midwife in Nigeria. She uses her expertise in housing and youth work to advise on activities we should be focusing on within Karibu.

Elizabeth Adejuwon is from West Africa and is a retired teacher. She has worked for several government departments and has been with Karibu for over 17 years as a volunteer. She was also a past beneficiary of the Saturday Supplementary School. As a trustee she helps with the educational settings for children and adult learning, as well as helping with the charity’s administration

Anita Harris-Eze is Child and Adolescent Counsellor who also works in the NHS Mental Health Crisis Pathway. She has a masters in Psychodynamic Counselling, she was inspired to pursue a career in mental health since getting her A-Levels in Psychology. She has worked under a top psychiatrist in Nigeria, a country with 350 psychiatrists currently serve an estimated population of about 200 million people. She also work with an Executive Life Coach, running training programs/retreats for multi-national companies. When she isn’t working or training, she enjoys reading and creative writing projects; and if pushed recalling what made her study Maths A-Levels as she helps young people.

Uzoma Ihedirimadu is a well experienced humanitarian worker and public speaker. Her area specialisation is consultancy with respect to skills acquisition. As a multilingual person, the key skills she has been known for are her interpersonal skills, communication skills and creativity. These all make up the strong work ethic she possesses.

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